DVD radiohead Download NOW!

Radiohead concert :D

dvd de un show de radiohead con licencia CC se pueden descargar en varios formatos aqui les dejo la direccion para los que les guste la banda: RADIOHEAD 23rd august 2009 Prague Czech Republic Various video sources (full list in the credits and website http://radiohead-prague.nataly.fr) Audio source : Masters provided by RADIOHEAD Editing : 00LIADON – PETER HALLIWELL – JEFF KEILER – VASEK CHALUPA Color correction : TIM ZIEGLER Authoring : JEFF KEILER Menus and cover : PETER HALLIWELL Cover image reproduced with kind permission from Petr Klapper – http://www.petrklapper.com Production and website : Nataly® MKV Running Time: 2h 3mn Size: 4.11 Gb Technical Specs: Video Codec : H264 Video Data Rate : 4500 kbps Frame Size: 1280×720 Frame Rate: 30 fps Audio Data Rate: 256 kbps Audio Sample Rate: 16 bit 44.1 kHz Setlist: – 15 Step – There There – Weird Fishes/Arpeggi – All I Need – Lucky – Nude – Morning Bell – 2+2=5 – A Wolf at the Door – Videotape – (Nice Dream) – The Gloaming – Reckoner – Exit Music (For a film) – Bangers n Mash – Bodysnatchers – Idioteque Encore 1 – Pyramid Song – These Are My Twisted Words – Airbag – The National Anthem – How To Disappear Completely Encore 2 – The Bends – True Love Waits / Everything In Its Right Place *** STRICTLY NOT FOR SALE – BY THE FANS FOR THE FANS – PLEASE SHARE AND ENJOY *** More informations and downloads on http://radiohead-prague.nataly.fr

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